Qlikview—a market leader at the time in the business intelligence space—wanted to rebrand their product, and migrate their domain, going from to

A large portion of the Qlik campaign was competitor research. Using third party analysis tools we took a look at Qlik’s closest competitors, and identified any strategy gaps that Qlik might be able to take advantage of.

What we did: Built brand awareness worldwide through the creation and off-page promotion of branded written and visual content. Leveraging internal networks as well as Qlik’s internal content creation capabilities to conduct a massively successful guest blog outreach campaign.

Qlik was anxious to boost its SEO power as well as increase its content footprint—inbound links being a big KPI. Working with Qlik’s internal creative team, we wrote up articles that would resonate with the business intelligence community. We then conducted a wide-scale guest blog outreach campaign designed to help achieve both goals.