Princess cruises engaged us to improve their email creative performance in three ways.

The first logical step we took was to familiarize ourselves with the Princess Cruises brand. We were fortunate to work hand-in-hand on this project with their excellent creative team, which was a welcome resource as the emails had to adhere to a very strict visual identity.

Additionally, certain content was mandatory for each email send, so one of the challenges was how to fit all that content into the templates in a mobile friendly and intuitive way

We tackled this challenge by developing a mobile ready template library that could be re-used depending on the campaign.

In order to find the right color-combos that would meet all of the design goals, we decided to test some branded colors in call to action (CTA) buttons in two qualititative ways:

1. A series of user preference tests to see which button colors users preferred.

2. A color contrast test to see if the most desirable button color was ADA compliant.

The test revealed that users preferred the green button on white background design paradigm.

But, when we tested the color combinations for ADA compliance, it was clear that the green button was not an ideal combo.

After conferring with the client, we determined that the ideal button color—both from a usability as well as a brand perspective—was a dark blue on white combination.

Secondary CTAs would be a light blue on white combination, as users seemed to be ambivalent when it came to choosing a preference between the two.